itchy asshole

an -n-s that has an uneasy irritating sensation
he who go to bed with itchy -sshole, wake with stinky finger.
a result from eating popcorn the day before. the skin of corn kernels will not digest. when making popcorn, the kernel skin hardens and p-sses through the digestive track. without thorough and proper cleaning, this can result in an unpleasant pain.
worker #1 – whats with bob? he keeps picking his -ss…

worker #2 – he caught itchy -sshole. i told him to stay away from all that popcorn.
a word generally used throughout northern or central california, used to describe anything nasty, gross, stupid, lame, ugly, stinky, or negative in any way.
man, that smells like itchy -sshole!
it smelled bad]

that chick looked like itchy -sshole, bro.

i know man, i know…
she was ugly]

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