itm – in the mouth – can be used to insult your friends/family/co-workers/etc.
hey tony, you love it itm
apple’s itunes music store.
i bought this song from the itms. it is the shizzle.
abbreviation: ‘if that makes sense’
so i figure maybe ghosts are just a projection of our fear of death itms.

that does make sense.
initialism for “if that makes sense”.
i don’t like having anyone but me in my profile picture, itms.
international trolls of mystery.
he’s part of the of the itm!
acronym meaning “incredibly totally marvelous” or “incredibly totally magnificent” or occasionally “it totally magical”, usually used to describe something awesome or amazing
paul “so how was was prom???”
dean “fun”
paul “how did maggie look?”
dean ” she looked itm”
in the money. used in poker/money tournaments.
-too bad sammy busted out on the final table. – yea, but i saw on his website that he’s made a lot of money just being itm.

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