crazy, silly; easily made smile; slightly gullible
wow, that was such an itoya person we met today. i like her!

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  • thats a fight on my blog

    an interesting fight that people would want to keep up with or watch; a fight that is blog worthy ohh sh-t! dude u heard about the fight between the anderson brothers? thats a fight on my blog !

  • badger leap

    the act of leaping over 4 full rows of seats in a van to grab a bare breast while driving down the freeway! teal performed a flawless badger leap while in fairbanks!

  • itp

    inside the perimeter. used in atlanta to let people know you live inside the 285 beltway or “ther perimeter”. opposite of otp, outside the perimeter – of course. many itp’ers like to shun the otp’ers. i hate commuting 400 itp every day! i sure wish i could find a great job otp. in the p–per […]

  • atrophy wife

    n. a spouse who has atrophied considerably over the years and may be in need of replacement; not to be confused with a trophy wife. amusing term if used with a faux italian accent. i would-a like-a you to meet-a my atrophy wife.

  • bad grammar

    the new language on the internet. it takes longer to read and comprehend the message than it takes to type the message. ex. lolroflmao i jst did a hedshoot. (laughing out loud rolling on the floor laughing my -ss off, i just did a headshot.) decent grammar: john: hey bob, want to play some rumble […]

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