it’s chops

when you know you’re about to take an l
oh we’re down by 10 with 5 seconds, it’s chops

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  • shmuck noodle

    shmucknoodle is used to express a slight dislike to someone or something when your angry. for example if someone calls you out or is bullying all you have to say is shmuck noodle they will be confused and probably wont know what to say back. “you shmuck noddle” ” hes always such a shmuck noodle”

  • paris pullout

    when you are having really great s-x with the woman of your dreams, but decide at the last minute to pull out and go jerk off with your tiny little hands and shoot your dusty, clumpy load onto an american flag instead, to make sure no one else has as awesome and huge -rg-sm as […]

  • highlighter p*ssy

    when a woman, usually one of darker ethnic background, opens her v-g-n- and it has a bright contrasting pink glow. her highlighter p-ssy glow box almost blinded me when she opened her legs.

  • media challenged

    a person who has little to no exposure to television, movies, and doesn’t keep up with the hollywood buzz. also, no exposure to magazines. gossip rags, such as: people, us, or glamour, including newspapers such as the enquirer. this makes the person totally uninformed as to what is taking place amongst the hollywood scene members. […]

  • mannuts

    a type of nut, specifically a males t-st-cl-s. “hey! i’m a squirrel now” ‘oh cool! what’s your favourite nut to eat?’ “i like to munch on your mannuts”

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