it’s goin down

it’s about to happen, something is about to jumpoff; it’s happening right now
celly cell “it’s goin down tonight”

q: hey, has the party started?
a: it’s goin down right now

that b-tch just stepped on my foot, oh h-ll naw, it’s about to go down!
getting readi to fight or readi to fight sumone
meet me in tha mall its goin down. or…
yo its goin down with bob && joe tomorrow afta skool.
h-m-s-xual innuendo implying a male threesome which includes oral compilation and -n-l penetration, simultaneously.

also see. lucky pierre

popularized by the music artist yung joc’s song, “it’s going down.”
(three males walk mall’s public restroom)
male 1: “is it goin down”
(male 2 looks around the corner to see if anyone is around)
male 2: “it’s goin down”
male 3: “last time i did this i got the clap. you guys free?”
male 1: “yeah bro i wear a condom.”
male 2: “do i look like i have something?”
male 3: “nah, you look good.”

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