i think your playing
me~i bought you a gift them~ityp

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  • number 69

    s-xual meanings; often used as a joke to say a number or answer like on a test lola: what’s the answer to number 6? jake:number 69! lola:u stupid little nasty motherf-cker!

  • p*ssy flyer

    when someone gets sick every time they fly you a b-tch -ss p-ssy flyer

  • sceve

    a hoe bro tell that dumb sceve stop playing and give the whole gang top

  • hypothevince

    come up with a story that fits the known facts. i don’t know how we ended up there, but i hypothevince that at the stop-light near the wendy’s, we were not supposed to go left, but rather straight then left.

  • jaydi lee

    a large girl that likes to let off wind whilst sleeping. she admires others farts and always rates them out of ten. jaydi lee is known around town as the smelly girl and even after showering with disinfectant soap jaydi lee is known to have a distinctive aroma. did you smell that girl that just […]

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