an honest, friendly, and hyper procrastinator.
“this couldn’t be blank, f-ck you.”


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  • sugar

    /noun/ 1. another word for “kiss” 2. an expression of love “gimme some sugar, bay-bee!” mmmm-mah! a gift from god that for some reason rots your teeth. what’s better than sugar? nothing. sweet, sweet lovin from a hot woman gimme some sugar baby, i’m all a-hot for it cocaine a southern term for ‘kiss. often […]

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    commuty call (noun) a phone call similar to a booty call in that, at the end of the exchange, the person on the receiving end of the commuty call feels slightly used but generally happy to have answered the phone. the commuty caller is commuting to or from work, is bored, needs to fill the […]

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    when you’re at the beach or in the desert and you get that sand stuff stuck in your b-tt. foylen the druid noticed an abundance of bung dust falling from his tunic after a spending a day laying out on the beach.

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    when your wiener is slapped and slathered all over a biscuit. in which a dino that has eaten your wiener biscuit is now vomiting up on parts of auschwitz. oww a dino has just nibbled off parts of my wiener biscuit i will bite off your wiener biscuit as a form of self defense

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    a waitress at a sports bar in a fortress in ireland. the sportress was lookin’ real fly in glasgow.

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