there aren’t any definitions for ivetas yet.

can you define it?

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  • charcoal briquette lint licker

    a very dark-skinned black man who is very intelligent, however, he is usually inebriated and goes on and on in a heated discussion, in which he interjects corny but hilarious comments that have nothing to do with the topic of the discussion causing the deterioration of braincells in the people involved with the discussion. direct […]

  • raicee

    a bad -ss girl who has red hair and beautiful gray eyes. raicee is a good friend. if you come across a raicee never leave her side. bob: who’s that girl by the lockers? amber: that’s raicee she’s my bff and i’ll never leave her.

  • niqqasyndrome

    a -sshole commonly found on instagram, fat as f-ck and runs a meme account with about 1000 followers. common names of niqqasyndromes are brayden, branden, p-n-sdestroyer and xxp-ssyf-ckxx. hey it’s a niqqasyndrome ! let’s kick his -ss !!

  • proarious

    jubilant anarchy we had a proarious night

  • android rage

    the rage you get after after finding out that a certain app is ios only. i threw my galaxy against the wall in a fit of android rage.

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