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  • great friends

    less than best friends. when you feel as if you’re very close to someone as best friends and they downgrade you to “great friends” klaudia& eva: “we’re so close!” conor: ” yes. like more than friends. almost like great friends!”

  • postertizing

    postertizing occurs when a poster to a message board or similar media attempts to sell a product or service. douglas was constantly postertizing on social media, always working in his insurance products.

  • mother trumper

    expletive used when a person has screwed up royally and can’t recover from the embarr-ssment. phrase used when you f-ck yourself up beyond comprehension. phrase to describe the horror of complete embarr-ssment. mother trumper ! i just accidentally sent a s-xt message to my sister!

  • f*ck our lives

    a common phrase used by many unfortunate people. this phrase was invented by two cool kids. used when one is under heavy pressure or stress or did something r-t-rded. cool kid 1: do we have he chem test today cool kid 2: yeah cool kid 1: oh f-ck our lives (fol is used in text […]

  • t-rex s*x

    t-rex s-x is a loud, p-ssionate and savage encounter. the couple in the room above, had prolonged t-rex s-x, which broke the bed and brought security!

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