iy’shuwa is a beautiful girl who doesn’t insta gators or beef she is smart tall and lovely

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  • hessey

    a very white person otherwise known as an albino that can burn in the slightest bit of sun look at that guy with sunburn he is such a hessey

  • noogis

    noun: something you call someone when they’re being stupid or weird but you love them anyways. friend 1: “pineapple goes great on pizza!” friend 2: “what?! no way you’re such a noogis”

  • swaang

    something hot, usually referring to a woman’s -ss. “dawg, dat -ss was swaang.”

  • humping day

    a day that can occur any day. it is the day you and your partner have s-x. “hey, steve! how many humping days have you done this month?” “none i wanna be a f-cking virgin forever!” “you aren’t no virgin! we did p-rn together on one humping day!”

  • poo luger

    some -sshole named sam man, that sam guy is a real poo luger

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