mexican man with huge wiener and gets all the girls
the izzak is the sh-t

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  • c*ck starch

    the term used to describe a man’s yeast infection. i think i should get this checked out, i have c-ck starch so bad i could open up a pizzeria.

  • woptober

    season of being a g, season of making money, gucci manes alb-m yo kate woptober is comin up i’m ready!

  • mouth fracking

    when somebody gives a man with a limp d-ck a bl-wj-b, holds it in their mouth and waits for it to become erect, overall deepthroating them “i was mouth fracking my girl last night, she told me it wasn’t bad till i got hard”

  • you're f*cking amazing

    a sarcastic remark you use to praise a stupid friend that probably won’t even sense the sarcasm said friend would even probably reply, “at least i’m f-cking something” to cover the fact that they’re a virgin and still making low ball s-x jokes outside a seinfeld sketch friend: -does something stupid you: you’re f-cking amazing […]

  • hieral

    means “king” in some european languages he is our hieral name for any male which means “king” in south america or europe. they are usually nice and loyal guys look there’s hieral

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