j dizzle

jd’s nickname from “scrubs”. turk and jd have many different nicknames for eachother, and jdizzle is one of them…
heres a list of all of jds nicnames:
– newbie
– bambi
– various girl names, such as angie, betty, pumpkin, carol, denise, ginger, gidget judy, gloria, nancy, sheila, priscilla, sally, my gal friday, murder she wrote, britney, rhonda, etc. (dr. c-x)
o random girls name
– doogie
– d.j./ r.j. (jordan)
– dr. eager beaver (bob kelso) (my dream job)
– king of the nerds (j.d.) (my kingdom)
– dr. john d. dorian (the middle initial stands for “dallas” where kim claims she lost her virginity.) (kim briggs) (my urologist)
– gladys (j.d.) (my road to nowhere)
– gizmo
– huckleberry
– johnny (dr. molly clock)
– killer (janitor) (my tuscaloosa heart)
– mr. pouty
– mr. silly bear (dr. c-x) (my balancing act)
– murder she wrote
– the j-dizzle
– number 2
– ‘nilla wafer
– q-tip
– sally sensitive
– scooter pie
o scooter
– spidergirl (dr. c-x) (my life in four cameras)
– sport
– supergirl
– the boat (j.d.)
– tiger (j.d.) (janitor) (my last day)
– vanilla bear (turk)
– various dog’s names such as toto, scooby, rintintin, snoopy, l-ssie, etc. (dr. c-x) (my t.c.w.)
– whiney face (janitor)
o whiney britches
o whiney dancer
– whizz-kid
– wonder bra
– dr. john “i think i’m a man of the people but now, thanks to the janitor, everyone knows i’m a fraud and i have egg on my face” dorian
– 23 (turk) (dr. c-x)
– pepe la fritz (janitor) (my monster)
– white shadow (turk)

you’re with the jdizzle now!
of the tv show scrubs, jd calls himself j dizzle every now and then (:
jd-you 2 couldnt live a full week without j dizzle
carla/turk- realise its true
used as a nick-name. ‘dizzle’ is an alternative slang word for ‘dogg’. dizzle or ‘dogg’ means a friend or buddy. this term came from the expression “dog is man’s best friend”. the letter ‘j’ at the beginning represents the first initial of the persons first name. the initial at the begining is not limited to one letter, but could also be subst-tuted with a nick-name or birth-name.
yo, my name is jason, my friends call me j dizzle, but you can call me daddy.


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