the j-hawk, or jay-hawk, is a mohawk worn by optic j. name derived from a mohawk and j’s name. he is a member of optic nation. although he was recently dropped for optic carlos. jhawk ftw. end story. known for its pure awesomeness. the hawk can only be worn by optic j or anyone else with over size t-st-cl-s. origin: the origin of the j-hawk originated on the 24/7 machinima live stream, where they were trying to reach prestige 15 on call of duty: black ops. this “j-hawk” was birthed by a pregnant porpoise who traveled from the norwegian seas to the americas where the “j-hawk” was found pirched on top of a man known as optic j.
mohawk + optic j = jhawk.
random: its optic j!
epic random: its a j-hawk!

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