jack attack

to get drunk drinking jack daniels.
bean and i had a jack attack last night!
the sudden, overwhelming urge to m-st-rb-t-, often causing the afflicted person to rub one out in a location other than their standard ejaculatorium.
i caught a glimpse of her meat flaps when she bent over, and i had a full-on jack attack. seriously, dude… i had to go rub one out in her bathroom.
the act of having a cigarette with the company of your friends, or in some cases alone.
zbaby: hey skyrus, wanna step outside for a jack attack?
skyrus: yeah man, do you have a lighter?
zbaby: yeah dude.
to have cardiac arrest while masterbating.
my grandfather had a jack attack.
when a woman over 30 s-xually attacks you.
i was jackattacked by this hot -ss lady last night.
a mixed drink that consists of jackdaniels and monster energy drink. this uses the same meathod as a jagger bomb but useing jack daniels instead of jagermeister.

at first you wont feel it but then you feel the jack’s h-t you like an attack.
“wow richards jack attack is awesome! how did he make it again can’t remember anymore”
a name given to successful and amazing students who has a steady supply of awesomeness.
yo this guy is the jack attack.

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