a publicly fine way to call someone a derogatory name, without others taking offence to the word. it can include, but is not limited or confined to: -sshole, douche, b-tch, p-n-s sucker, p-n-s rapping dog sh-t, melodramatic pervert, -ss belonker, douche f-g, or any other negative term to describe some jackaloom you talk to everyday.
that kid with the hat in biology cl-ss is such a jackaloom, for real what a douche.

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  • jacking off in a corner

    when someone periodically dissapears or leaves for no apparent reason or without warning during intense or important moments. which then follows a question period of the persons whereabouts. when the person repeatedly disapears, the group -ssumes the person is an idiot and is most likely jackin’off some place. bob: dude, where the h-ll is adam. […]

  • piggy porking

    running across town wearing nothing but a wife beater looking like the character porky pig from loony toons. drunk guy: hey man…lets(hiccups)…go to the stadium and go piggy porking.

  • pimpdoubt heterosapien

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  • pikeybin

    the pikeybin is more commonly known as the floor. schantelle’s mum chucked all of her losing scratchcards in the pikeybin.

  • pimpin' stick

    pimpin’ stick is used in raunchy videos as a portable pole dancing pole, mainly used by big g to keep his 3 ho’s under control ‘c’monnnn dance round your daddys pimpin’ stick!’

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