1. the act of being a jack-ss or jack-ss-like.
2. extreme
that quiz was jack-ssically difficult

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  • congrataFuckYoulations

    when someone is excited about something and your annoyed. annoying guy: dood i just got 1920 on my sats!!! annoyed guy: congrataf-ckyoulations!

  • Metallic Daniel

    one who is commonly referred to as metallic daniel because of his random acts of pedophilia in the metal dan style. one performs this task on local children (boys) on the periphery of the academy at which one attends. however this s-x act can be performed anywhere and is often frowned upon by nearby civilians. […]

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    man-made islands in the persian gulf located right off of dubai. there are three different chains of the palms: jebel ali, jumeirah, and deira. when completed, they will house luxury hotels, beacfront houses, and water parks. deira is the largest of the chains. upon completion, they will be the only man-made structure visible from sp-ce, […]

  • poopling

    a baby p–p (or t-rd) fresh from the b-tt. if it has been sitting for over an hour, then it’s a normal p–p. there was a small p–pling on the ground.

  • cookiemafia

    best d-mn organization in the world who will kick your -ss in a heart beat like a family man i dont want to mess with the cookiemafia i will get murdered ___________ i wish i was in the cookiemafia -sob-

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