ability to be c-cky, angry, and hungry and overweight. also this type of person believes they are “good and don’t deny it”
your jackgalaness is really making me not want to be friends.

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  • reprecaution

    1)a misspelling (or in some people’s case, a mispr-nunciation) of the word repercussions. 2)it could mean the return of care taken in advance 1)”i get no reprecautions from drinking. i don’t even get a hangover!”- allen 2) we observed the reprecautions from last year.

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    the stoner’s hanukkah ‎”lo, and the lighter lit countless bowls, joints and blunts, though it had not any fuel left. for this reason we celebrate the eight days of chanabic by purchasing a brand new lighter and smoking enough bowls over these eight days to try and use all the fuel.” -somedude

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