very talkative, can spend hours on the phone and never runs out of things to say.
very friendly, attractive usually tall with blonde hair and brown eyes.
kind, caring and comp-ssionate to those who are less fortunate than her.
super s-xy, she can really take it when in the sack and all of her boyfriends say how lucky they were to have her.
giggles like a school girl and likes to muck around having harmless fun with those around her.
boy: “its been 4 hours and youre still on the phone!! who are you talking to?”
girl: “why jackleen of course!!”

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  • jack n balls

    just like a regular jack and c-ke with one exception after drink has been prepared the bartender or drink preparer dips one or both of his t-st-cl-s into the drink. often adds a salty or more distinctive flavor. more often done between couples, frat boys e.t.c “bartender i’d like a jack n b-lls please”

  • jackpotluck

    (noun) finding something exceptionally good to eat through the unexpected combination of random food items in your kitchen. i reluctantly found some leftover cole-slaw to slather on a beef patty. i’ve hit the jackpotluck.

  • Jackson Time

    a situation, whereby a person is typically pr-ne to, or is two-hours late for everything. he’s running on jackson time!

  • Jack-Stalling

    the process by which one m-st-rb-t-s while inside a bathroom stall or similar enclosure; jacking it within a stall. _ hey man! did you hear about sherman? / nah, what happened? _ last weekend his room mates heard him in the bathroom jack-stalling it. / d-mn, man, thats hilarious!

  • jack the biscuit

    when a group of men stand in a circle jerking off on a biscuit or cookie. the last one to c-m on the biscuit has to eat it. i’m sick of playing trivial pursuit, let’s go jack the biscuit.

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