Jaco Pastorius

best b-ssist ever. died 1987 in from a beating from a bouncer in a florida bar after wanting to get on stage because the b-ssist in the band that was playing sucked. was in the band weather report. produced several alb-ms, like black market, this is this, sportin life, domino theory,procession, weather report, night p-ssage, 8:30,mr.gone, heavy weather.
jaco pastorius did a gig last night, they are so talented

jaco pastorius is the one of the best b-ssists ever.
the best god d-mn b-ssist in the world ever. he died three days before i was born and i want the sc-m who killed him to die a slow death.
listen to anything he played on and you will agree
except he didn’t produce this is this, sportin’ life, domino theory, or procession, because they were the four alb-ms made after he died.
is a terrible, yet very famous b-ss player, known mainly for playing with the band weather report in the 70’s and 80’s.

a typical b-ss solo for jaco would be him hitting random notes on his b-ss guitar, rarely in the same key. he would slap his fingers all around the fretboard, not knowing what he was doing, because he was constantly strung out on heroin, crack-cocaine and other illicit substances. all-in-all, jaco’s solos were a charlie foxtrot

these mockeries that jaco called solos, would make any real musician extremely angry, yet the average un-educated jaco fan would listen to his terrible solos and think he is … “experimental” and actually knows how to play b-ss, when in truth, he did not.

jaco died in 1987 probably because he took too many drugs, because he was r-t-rded. he deserved it. he was a stain on the musical community and all real musicians are happy he’s gone.
hi, i’m jaco pastorius, i’m gonna slap some random noises on my b-ss and get paid ridiculously well for it.

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