to be funny, very handsome,strong, down to earth, a great listener, everyone loves him!
wow, my friend is so jacobee.

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  • jary

    cracker -ss b-tch that tries to be black and rubs nutella all over himself that guy over there is such a jary

  • jizmslap

    a post-coital activity wherein the dominant partic-p-nt -j-c-l-t-s in his palm & then proceeds to slap the recessive partic-p-nt on the b-ttock with the same. kim kardashian gets a lot of jizmslaps from what i hear.

  • j*zzbird

    when a person or persons -j-c-l-t- on a surface and the resulting stain resembles a depiction of a bird “yo dude, i just pulled a major j-zzbird… check it out!”

  • kabegaming

    formerly known as kabefifa , kabegaming is an epic gaming/prank channel on youtube . the channel has been know for creating weekly, amazing and best fifa content. person 1: have you subscribed to kabegaming? person 2 : omfg i nearly forgot

  • joppinator

    a word that describes people that are extremely obnoxious or crude. it is also commonly -ssociated with child predators or s-x offenders. that little boy just got attacked by a joppinator.

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