jafaican is a dialect of english becoming more common in london’s west end, within the tradition boundaries of the c-ckney dialect: within the sound of the bow bells and is slowly replacing c-ckney. jafaican is a mixture of english, jamaican, west indian and indian language elements.
some jafaican, for you reading pleasure:

safe, man. you lookin buff in dem low batties. dey’s sick, man. me? i’m just jammin wid me bruds. dis my yard, innit? is nang, you get me? no? what ends you from then?

jafaican is the british ebonics.
a person that acts like they jamaican ie;try talk like they jamaican, try act like they jamaican but they’re not!
a person who pretends to be jamaican.
a middle cl-ss suburban white kid using patoi.
“me nah know botty ridah fa rotty bidah!”
.’wow.that kids a jafaican.”
when some one is trying act getto or gangsta but with a jamaican bent.
“tom has had his hair in dreads for months now”. “yea, he is jafaican”.
a jamaican wanna’ be.

(fake jamaican)
(white but wants to be black)
“your a jafaican!” “what’s that?” “a fake jamaican”
singer or actor who claims to be from jamaica, trying to sound cool with fake accent.
those two sean guys, one a jamaican, the other’s a jafaican.
uh uh uh uh oh ooh….
somebody,usually black whos mind leads them to believe they are jamaican but in reality they aint no jamaican
anne-marie is such a jafaican

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