jager tainting

the topical application of an alcohol beverage, namely jagermeister, to the soft tissues around the genitals and -n-s to achieve drunkenness (stephen colbert, 2010).
george enjoys jager tainting, not because it gets him drunk, but because the evaporating alcohol makes his soft parts tingle.
the process of trying to absorb jagermeister through ones taint, similar to vodka eyeballing
dude, did you see john take that shot in his eyeball? no, but i saw tony jager tainting.
to pour jager on your taint
stephen colbert made up the word jager tainting
jager-tainting (jagermeister) is the act of lapping the licorice flavored alcohol off of your friends taint.
dude, duwain and brant were jager-tainting last night once we got home from the bar.
a word coined by the great stephen colbert around the first of june in 2010. jägertainting is the act of (i -ssume) introducing jägermeister to your digestive system via the -n-s in order to achieve an altered state.

jägermeister is an alcoholic beverage that was made popular by comedian dave attell…
“did you hear why the daily show was a rerun tonight?

i heard the ol js went jägertainting and the bottle broke. he’s gonna be out for a couple of weeks…”

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