a wonderful guy with a big heart. he’ll make you laugh. will always try to give you the best and the most for what he can do. he’s always loved.

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  • silc*ck ratio

    the ratio of a meal’s meat portion, to its carbohydrate portion. for example the ratio of bolognese sauce to spaghetti. named after michael silc-ck of blackrod, uk. ooh sir, your meal has quite a high silc-ck ratio.

  • canadian log splitter

    when performing the act of -n-l s-x the female defecates upon the males p-n-s, and in doing so splitting the feces into two pieces. last night i was plowing this chick’s -ss and she gave me a canadian log splitter.

  • the profit

    relating to g-d itself, or a master of rap. 1: do you know who the profit is? 2: yeah man! its anthony sinigail thats who! 1: oh i gotcha now.

  • treasure troll

    girls in the las vegas club scene who dress to impress every night and wear too much makeup in order to meet ballers in the vip section. kinda like a gold digger…but less cl-ssy and not as pretty. lauren: wow! spot that treasure troll by the bar trying to get a free drink from that […]

  • canadian lumber waffle

    an term used to insult and confuse, all at the same time. hey, frick off you canadian lumber waffle!!

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