the process of opening the iphone to writing. apple released some sh-tty apps with the release of the iphone and ipod touch. a group of people decided to give the iphone to the people, saying ” i paid for my iphone, i will do whatever i g-dd-mn want with it.” many people don’t have the b-lls to do it fearing that they might turn their device into a brick. the methods have become very simple now with methods like ziphone or ibricker. it voids your warranty on the ipod touch or iphone but a quick restore and its like nothing ever happened, your warranty is back in effect.
chicks dig me now that i have jailbroken my ipod touch.
word most likely made up by typical apple users who had no idea that the word “cracked” already existed, among other things.
now that my ipod is jailbroken i can fill it up with mostly useless apps and games and impress my friends.
a term used for a iphone that has been illegally manipulated to use a network that it isn’t on.
my iphone is from at&t, but it has been jail broken, so it can connect to verizon’s network.
the past tense term of “jailbreak” and “jailbreaking”, when you jailbreak/get root access to your ios device or apple tv.
non-jailbroken ipod user: duuuude my ipod has angry birds
jailbroken ipod user: i can fake my location and get metasploit!
non-jailbroken ipod user: how?
jailbroken ipod user: just jailbreak your ipod and cydia will let you get as many apps as you want.
non-jailbroken ipod user: aw f-ck no.

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