a unique woman can hold her own, doesn’t commit but when she’s very loyal, selfish, confident so confident…she made it her self hahah
why a you so jaimesha you are the best.

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  • nasaiah

    loyal, athlete, muscular, s-xy, can fight. i like the name nasaiah yeah me to

  • southern house party

    a s-x act involving the insertion of an airhorn into one’s -n-s. may be done solo or with partner(s). “what’s all that racket?” “i think my neighbor is throwing a southern house party.”

  • kiouri

    fine -ss girl with hoes and n-gg-s for days..but if she gets in a relationship she’ll be loyal..never worries bout somebody who gon waste her time..fun fact: issa meal👅👅 dammmn son i really want me a kiouri!

  • christanie

    is a brave girl always speaks her mind sometime dramatic but always looks out for people if you have her you are very lucky she came into your life “hey that girl over there knows how to speak her. mind “. i think her name is christanie

  • eumari

    eumari means a person who never gives up complains a lot but will always do what they have to do to make.eumari can also come across as a rude, mean, type person but is really loyal cnd charming. i not a quitter i’m a eumari

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