a weird chocolate loving, shyanne v-g-n- spanking, suck my d-ck saying, beautiful outgoing, fun & crazy straight forward s-xy girl! but can be b-tchy at times
“jaimmy is one fine, outgoing b-tch!”

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  • jamacain blizzard

    when a girl performs oral s-x on a man,and he -j-c-l-t-s in her mouth, she stands up and suprises the man by blowing all of his j-zz over his face oh you s-xy wh-r- that was such a good gobbie!! ahhhhhhhhh wtf are you doing!!!????? prost-tute: honey, thats the jamacain blizzard, that will be an […]

  • j*panziety

    the feeling of anxiety right before you enter math cl-ss because your in the math cl-ss with all the f-ck-ng asians. man, right before math cl-ss i get such crazy j-panziety.

  • jeans p*n*s

    when a woman with a bodacious booty wears jeans but the front of the jeans hang loose in the crotch giving the illusion of having a male appendage even though you are a female those jeans give her a huge jeans p-n-s. nasty, wear something that fits that bodacious b-tt right!

  • jeffticus

    a beast name for a guinea pig my guinea pig is called jeffticus

  • joida

    she’s always smiling that beautiful smile. she is funny with a heart of gold. she doesn’t take sh-t from anyone. she is unique just like her name. some may not like her because she is very honest. “see thats joida, she is always smiling!

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