jake abbott

the best guy on the planet, super hot and handsome, extremely generous, caring and is the biggest sweetheart you’ll ever find, he may not look like it at first but if you get to know him you’ll find out that jake is the best friend you could ask for a freind from heaven, he will do anything to make the ones he cares for smile 24/7, he’s protective and funny, he’s reliable and has the best listening ear when you have a problem, always willing to have a fun time, adventurous and not one to be boring, no matter how bad a situation is go to jake he’ll do everything possible to fix it, he can see the good side to even the darkest of times, if you haven’t found a jake abbott go out and find one and become his freind it’ll be the best decision you could make
me-omg my boyfriend broke up with me – crying- i hate my life

-jake sees me and walks over-
-i tell him what happened- -he sits down besides me & gives me a hug-
jake abbott- look your amazing and he’s an idiot for breaking up with you it’s truly his loss your the perfect girlfriend your constantly calling and texting him, your beautiful, and incredible, caring, he missed out on the best relationship of his life and if you want i’ll go teach him a lesson cheer up okay we’re gunna hang out and make you feel better okay

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