a derogatory term popular amung south scotland to describe an individual who as a result of extreme alcoholism has became outcast by society.
my friend sara is such a jakeball she chugged 7 black russians and dry humped the buckingham palace gates. what an embar-ssment.
jakeball is a derrogotary term used in the west of scotland
meaning degenerate alcoholic.
it is often shortened to “jake” or “jakey”
when referring to someone in a particulary severe drunken state they can be said to be “jaked”. this does not necessarily mean that they are an alcoholic.
a scruffy man drinking cheap cider at 8am is most likely jakeball
some jakeball was sick on the bus earlier.
i must have been jaked last night, i cant find my shoes.
beat it, ya mad jake.
#tramp #drunkard #alco #beggar #p-sshead
jakeball is a derrogotary term used in scotland to refer to a chronic alcoholic. for example some old guy drinking cheap cider at half past eight in the morning is most likely a jakeball. this phrase is often shortened to “jakey” or “jake”.

the word “jake’d” can be used to describe a state of extreme or disgracefull drunkeness in an affectionate way without implying that the drunken person is an alcoholic.
1″i found some jakeball p-ssed out on my car this morning”
2″my dad is a f-cking jake, the c-nt nicked my last cans out of the fridge”
3″i was well jaked last night, did i leave my shoes at your place?”
4″no i dont have any spare change ya jakey b-st-rd”
#drunk #p-sshead #drinking #b-m #alcoholic
the act of c-ck blocking on all of your friends.
whoa dude look at that nick boy pullin’ a jakeb-lls
#jake #b-lls #jakeb-lls #pullin #mr. blunts

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