Jam Boy

the jam boy was first introduced as early as the 1800s when the british empire occupied india. when the british gentry went to play golf, they would have two men, the caddy and a jam boy.

the jam boys sole purpose was to keep the mosquitoes away from the golfer. to do this, the jam boy would cover himself in jam to attract the mosquitoes away from the players. when the game was over the jam boy got to keep the jam he was wearing to take home to his family.
look at all the mosquitoes; i can hardly see the fairway, fetch the jam boys immediately!
historic word for ethnic people, who were employed by rich white folk. they would follow around their masters with jam smothered on their faces in order to keep the flies off them while they played golf in hot countries
oi jamboy come here! theres a fly!
‘jamboy’s’ were young coloured boys who were smeared with jam to attract all the bugs and insects away from the rich golfers. if they were successful, they got to keep the pot jam!

and for trivia, it is still possible to hire a jamboy in some countries!
bl–dy mosquitos!.. wheres the h-ll is my jamboy?
a unique relationship between two heteros-xual male friends who occasionally engage in -ss play with one another, specifically insertions.
joe: hey nick, i know we’ve been friends for a while and that we aren’t gay or anything, but you maybe want to be jam boys?

nick: dude, i was thinking the exact same thing.

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