brown f-ggit who thinks he can lift and smoke weed even though he can barely handle a gram. the biggest chavtasty w-nksta plonking tigga on the whole planet. has a particular preference for sucking -ss. can neither f-ck b-tch-s nor get money.
“i’m so swag, lol, n-gg-h, i smoked 1/4 gram over the winter break, was foked the whole time n-gg-h”
“shut jur ph-cken mauth jamail gow back to tha abus-m-nt park betch”

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    chopped garlic in a jar. a far cry from the real deal holyfield if you come to my crib packing that stank -ss jarlic, i’m a send yo -ss back to the store to get some real f-ckin’ garlic.

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