can be used as anything, such as an insult, exclamation, or if you’re on acid, a very fun word to repeat to yourself over and over again.
dude you’re such a f-ck-ng jamamustard!

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  • jalopie

    a sh-tty car megan’s hardesty’s car is a major jalopie. meaning to slap a female in the face with one’s p-n-s. your grandmother was sleeping on the couch, so i walked over and jalopied her in the face. a group of crazy people. watch out the jalopies are coming. a nick name for a p-n-s. […]

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    telling it straight. everybody knows elvis always told it straight. he told it like it is. when i elvis with you, i’m telling the truth. guy 1: “hey man you tellin’ me straight?” guy 2: “yeah man, i elvis with you.”

  • emergency c*nt

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  • emo kit

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  • endongaled

    where one person puts his p-n-s into the mans -ss while pulling the hair back and plugging there nose till they squel like a pig omg daniel just endongaled kevin , listen to him wine.

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