someone who is un usually well hung. people with the name james are generally known for their good looks (especially the eyes) and women are just simply attracted to them.
“oh yeah, he’s definately a james”
in early european lore the demigod james was said to possess unrivaled charm and seductive prowess in addition to having genitalia of supernatural size. throughout medieval times and up until the late renaissance, pagan and christian farmers routinely prayed to james as a god of fertility, believing that his m-ssive p-n-s would inspire them to spectacular heights of fertility. today, the term james still carries with it subtexts of truly gigantic genitals which is perhaps why james is the name most frequently given to male newborns in the united states.
currently the word james can be used to mean an enormous p-n-s and anyone with that name can be -ssumed to possess a heavy and girthy p-n-s.
“man, check out that james!”

“look at the buldge in his trousers, he must have a james in there girlfriend!”

“i don’t think i could ever fit a james in my mouth.”
a name for someone who is absolutely fantastic and is your favourite.
that james is by far my favourite, no matter what!
someone who likes looking up his name on urban dictionary.
james: “a name for someone who is absolutely fantastic and is your favourite” – d-mn straight!
a kind-hearted, loving man who makes one happy with his attentiveness and desire to please. wonderfully handsome and incredibly s-xy, he oozes s-x appeal. often brilliant at making love. fancied by all women that set eyes on him. sometimes too easily led astray but quick to realise his mistakes and try to make amends. very intelligent. sometimes pompous but not overly so. sensitive. funny. brave. strong. gorgeous. loves lists. a brilliant father and someone any lady would be proud to call their husband. often synonymous with fab.
call off the search … i have met my mr james!

he is my james in shining armour.
best effing friend ever.
amazing much?
total cutie.
woah, theres my bffl right there yo.

i love my james!
a complete -sshole who takes jokes to far and doesnt know when to quit.
hey james your so cool
james: yeah whatever

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