a brand of irish whiskey, usually in the mid-price range. best enjoyed straight and on the rocks.
i’ve had a sh-tty day, get me an octouple jameson on the rocks.
he’s quiet and very good looking. beautiful eyes and a winning smile. a jameson is very kind and considerate. he’s always there to listen. he’s a constant companion and friend. he is shy, but very loving. he is the best boyfriend you will ever have.
“if only you were jameson…”
a champion,king sh-t, a jameson is awesome in every way possible,he has a big p-n-s and he is not afraid to use it,and a person who doesnt take sh-t from no one,and has no problem opening a big can of whoop -ss on anyone,and also loves p-ssy and t-tties.
nick pulled a jameson yesterday by punching that f-ggot right in his tooth.
in short. a total boss playa who is awesome in every way possible. b-tches be lining up around the block to see him. he is extremely modest for someone as awesome as he is. he can also be described as a tank or pimp. he has the body of a greek god and a awesome smile that leaves you breathless. if you mess with him he will mess u up till you look wi-wi-wi-wiggidy whack.
guy 1: hold up playa!! who is that??

guy 2: sh-t man! thats jameson.

guy 1: the jameson? dam, he’s even more awesome in person!
a man wh-r-. loves having multiple partners every week.
z: i heard bob slpet with cindy and susie last week.
c: yeah hes a total jameson!
z: fo sho
irish goodness
the only thing i’m sucking down is this jameson dude.

cluck a duck. this mag is closed to the public. no more pickles. just wicked nickles fo’ yo thoughts.

leaving all my troubles behind tonight. you’ll never know what this life has been like for me john doe.

p.s. i don’t think p-rn should go to imax. that’s some scary sh-t dude. and peter framton is a musical legand gosh darndet.

thats how we sound after jameson hits it hard baby.
1. adj. the act of looting/robbing a small group of midget gypsies with the intent of using said money to fund ones self-owned lobotomy clinic.

2. noun. a discarded three cornered hat
1.”jamesoning had begun roughly 21 years ago and is found happening most commonly throughout parts of southern alberta.”

2.”dude, you look like a f-cking pirate!” “yeah i found a jameson!”

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