who honestly can say that’s no the first word that comes to mind when you hear that name? with that stupid f-cking haircut, plus the fact she can’t stop saying “ok” makes her a pretty hefty compet-tor for the worst type of person alive.

jamieson: alright cl-ss, it’s time to learn about –
cl-ss + teachers outside the cl-ss: f-ck off dyk-!
jamieson: -cries-

a guy who knows how to speak. a man who could sell water to an ocean, or talk a nun out of her clothes. he’s not a con-artist, but he could acquire even the most skeptical person’s confidence. he’s not a politician although he does represent investors. he’s the type of guy who gets sh-t done. a real go-getter, a smooth operating elusive gentlemen. that’s not to say he can’t be reached for he has been described as what some may call a womanizer. his last name usually starts with a “k”, but it is not “kool” as one might expect from a fellow with such a calm demeanor. he is s-xy, and it has often been said that he is well endowed.
anonymous 1: who was that guy?

anonymous 2: oh, that was just jamieson.

anonymous 1: well, i just let jamieson borrow the car. funny, i didn’t even think to ask him his name. what was he doing here anyways?

anonymous 2: he was an inspector.

anonymous 1: an inspector of what?

anonymous 2: ok, fine. i slept with him. i’m sorry he was just sooo charismatic.

anonymous 1: well, you know? i’m literally not even mad right now. that guy was pretty much a bad-ss. i totally couldn’t have stopped you. if one guy was gonna sleep with my wife; that would be the guy. you’ve got good taste. that means i’m a keeper too.

jamieson (from afar): i just saved their marriage.
#jamieson #cool #bad-ss. con-artist #conartist #politician #smooth #eloquent #charismatic #debonair #sharp #kool #s-xy
1. someone who never misses a meal

2. someone who always makes sure he gets fed
that guy’s always first in the lunch queue hes such a jamieson
what a j amieson, she always eats 3 good meals a day, i wish i coudl be as healthy as her
#food #hunger #first #thirsty #dinner
a really random name for a type of basketball throw. a jamieson is when you throw a ball really hard at the basket and it goes in.
kyle: (throws really hard at the basketball net)
nick: ” wow nice jamieson”
#basketball #ball #basket #random #throw #hard

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