janaye, it’s a girl’s name, she’s the s-xiest human alive, gives amazing head, all about her books first, loves s-x and she eats a lot. real bipolar, crazy at times. but she’s worth it. most janayes are single , if she has a boyfriend he is amazingly blessed . this name is typically a black girl’s name
boy #1: d-mn janaye is fine. i wouldn’t mind having her .
boy #2: janaye is always in those books.
a creative, talented, artist ultra who will always prevail.
woman. wow, that is an amazing stlye !
woman b. thanks, its very janaye of me.
man. i concur, its very modern yet fresh, i havent seen that scence i last looked through my portfolio.
its a girl name, shes s-xy,has a big booty,gives good head,good in the bed, mostly a black girls name and is very attractive she pulls lots of guys, and loves s-x doggy style, and her boyfriend is very very very very very lucky to have her
man1-bro! look at janaye’s booty
man2-ikr its so big and juicy who is dating her is lucky

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