a funny guy who is also a f-ggot, he may have a lot of friends but none of them really like him except his closest ones. he also tends to be very s-xy and easygoing
“quit being a janncarlo”

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  • clap some *ss

    going to get that -ss. going to smash a broad. bro i’m hanging with this broad tonight, i can’t wait to clap some -ss

  • jajooch

    a light insult, usually for people doing stupid or irksome things. mainly used by people with new york accents or italian fathers. doofus dingus fool dimwit person 1: hey that guy just walked right out in front of that car! person 2: whatta jajooch.

  • cub run death grip

    when you grasp a p-n-s so hard, it turns bright purple. the nurse ktb, was inserting a foley and squeezed so hard that she gave jimmy the cub run death grip and hurt him badly. he said “ouch”.

  • regshen

    a divine couple that can or could never be broken up because it is fate that they will be together forever and ever. wow! those two over there are totally regshen! i can only hope to be like them one day

  • devils backbone

    when you’re doing her from behind and you bend her feet all the way to her head so her spine breaks and with the blood you draw a pentagram around her body for the sacrifice of the greater good hey girl, you want to try the devils backbone tonight? sure babe, let’s do it!

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