a typically male j-panophile. sailor moon? tentacle p-rn? every p-rn girl in a schoolgirl skirt? keep these people away from the children.
while ejovi insisted he watched anime for its artistic merit, i think he’s really just a j-pedophile, who’s in to little kids.
non-j-panese person who behaves more like a j-panese than their j-panese counterparts. for example, a j-pedophile may: 1) have a large anime collection, 2) majored in j-panese studies/language, 3) always had a j-panese boyfriend/girlfriend, 4) dreams of teaching english in j-pan, 5) studies j-panese martial arts, 6) owns only j-panese av/p-rn, and 7) like j-panese food over all else. they also may practice j-panese religions, perfer to speak j-panese, and play with tokimeki dolls.
tim is such a j-pedophile. even girlfriend aiko is getting sick of always talking about j-pan to him.

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