the hottest man on the world. he probably is tougher than chuck norris, and has a bigger p-n-s than him. anyone that has touched jarryd has been blinded by beauty.
his beauty is like jarryd times ten!!!
too hot to handle. a talented guy who can do anything he puts his mind to; music, dance, whatever. he has a wicked and exceptionally corny sense of humour and never fails to put a smile on the faces of those surrounding him. he’s a random kind of guy, always moving around and making friends. he has a man-sized appet-te and has a fetish for jelly babies but not salad. he’ll do anything for the people he loves. he’s selfless, grateful and respectful. he may be terribly forgetful, but he’s unforgettable.
you see that s-xy guy over there? definitely a jarryd
a wicked guy who dreams of owning a 86 but wants to drive around in his sisters mx5 to pick up the girls.
jarryd: oi babe you want to take a ride in my car
hot girl: yeah why not, i like guys in small cars 😉

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