Jason Newsted

second b-ssist for the band, metallica. the band recruited him in late 1986 after the tragic death of former legendary b-ss player, cliff burton. his first alb-m with the band was the ep, garage days revisited, but his first full studio alb-m was …and justice for all.

newsted pretty much got a bad wrap because he wasn’t as good as burton. if you really listen to his b-ss pieces, however, it’s not hard to find that he is clearly among the best b-ss players in the world.

in 2000, newsted left the band for what he claimed were personal injuries he sustained while touring with metallica. he later admitted, however, that he wanted the band to take a break for one year while he worked on his side project, echobrainand the other band members sorted out their personal lives. frontman james hetfield declined the proposition and newsted stepped down as metallica’s b-ss player after 14 years. following the release of their 8th studio alb-m, st. anger, the band selected ozzy osbourne’s b-ssist, rob trujillo, to replace newsted.

unlike previous members, such as dave mustaine and ron mcgovney, newsted does not hold hard feelings towards the band and remains close friends with each member.

as of 2007, newsted is the b-ssist for the band, supernova, in which a television series somewhat equivalent to american idol selected the lead singer of the band.
stupid metallica fan: jason newsted sucks! he isn’t anywhere near as good as cliff burton was.

intelligent metallica fan: no he doesn’t. that’s like saying kirk hammett sucks because he isn’t as good as hendrix.

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