a panchovi
man josh is a jatish.

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  • Jean Claude Fan Dan

    scottish rhyming slang, generally accepted as a longer version of fandan. used to describe an annoying person. “aye, see that wee pr-ck smudger, he’s a jean claude fan dan”


    just -j-c-l-t-d on my keyboard “a/s/l?” “17/f/boston” “ohh..ohhh…jeomk” just -j-c-l-t-d on my keyboard when two internet geeks are involved with some s-xual act and the male geek blows his load all over the keyborad……that was hot i j.e.o.m.k.

  • jerk-ola

    someone who is not very nice. censored for when you want to use a bad word, but little ears are present. that semi-driver cut me off! what a jerk-ola!

  • jerkumfizz

    1) a substance made from the repet-tive masturbating of one’s genitals/genitalia 2) sperm 1) i got jerk-mfizz on mom’s couch, she’s gonna kill me!

  • Jeshie

    a girl who doesn’t know how to spell correctly…and is obsessed with chuck norris. “i was talking to this girl on aim, and she was such a jeshie! i mean, it was like she spelled cheese, and fungus wrong…and she kept telling me chuck norris jokes! jeez, there are too many jeshies in the world!”

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