smart and crazy
christan was acting very javaeh like.

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  • jerk off sock

    a sock that placed on the p-n-s to -ssist in masturbation. dave: dude, what’s with that sock? jake: don’t touch it! that’s the jerk off sock.

  • kayen

    kayen has a small p-n-s and like to f-ck small rabbits because it’s the only thing he can find with a b-tth-l- small enough. if you see a kayen make sure to remind him how much of a f-gboy he really is

  • kirstie alley

    (verb) to hide to eat a food, usually in a secluded area , usually with sungl-sses or other means used to hide your appearance even further. aarica is pulling a kirstie alley, shes hiding in the bathroom while eating a chocolate chip ice cream sandwich. omg…how kirstie alley? hiding food from us while were starving […]

  • koombala

    pr-nounced koom-ba-la, started in 2012 by a high schooler and is used as either a victory cry, acknowledging something of interest or when you’re feeling good and want the world to know. 1. rush wins the national gold for track and field, “koombala!” 2. “hey sam, you see that chick who just walked in? she’s […]

  • left you in the dust

    being ditched by your friends to hang out with each other. normally it’s done behind your back. ashley- wht didn’t you show up last night? sam- oh i left you in the dust and hung out with elizabeth…..

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