jay ho

jay ho is slang for turbo, fast, speedy
i jay hoed to a&w

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  • schnoobling

    to get into other’s buisness. to be nosey. tyler was schnoobling around spencer’s private conversation.

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    it’s a pump up phrase. can be used in any situation in which tensions are high and excitement is built, like before an insane banger, or a huge sports game. the ‘t’ in ‘let’s’ is usually silent. guy 1: dude the party is in an hour! there’s gonna be sooo much booze! guy 2: let’s […]

  • lidson

    extremly dumb f-cker lidson is ab extremly dumb f-ck-r !

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    one person paints their -ss blue(like those mailboxes you see on the corner) and gets a white(like a letter) person to f-ck them. i sent a letter when i gave that girl a public mailbox last night.

  • jetta theory

    the theory that states there’s a 8 out of ten chance that the driver of a vw jetta is a hot female i got up to the light to find a smokin hot chick driving. proving the jetta theory.

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