jayalan is the coolest,handsomeness person in the whole world.jayalan is the best person in the whole world.
i love jayalan i want to see him.

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    “do you know what i’m saying?” alex: “you see nick yesterday at work? that porsche, tho.” bryan: “yeah, he think his new car gon’ help him score wit the ladies, nawsay?”

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    a flawless and a somalian leader that is first disliked then gradually loved by everyone. girl: i love that olad he is so loveable not like he used to be. boy: reminds me of naruto

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    a girl who talks a lot and is hated by most people but once you get to know her she can be one of the best people you meet even though she gets horrible grades and teachers dont like her did you see what roftana got on her math test

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    the process of giving someone a gl-ss of water because they are crying. after i f-cked this cute girl, i found her in bed crying. so i went to the kitchen and got her a gl-ss of water because she required proper crydration.

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