jayden matos

the ultimate f-ggot
guy: your a c-nt
me: your a jayden matos

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  • deiara

    a b-tch literally anything you could think of that is a wh-r- -ss b-tch n-gg-r f-ggot she a deiara

  • spazmoidal behaviour

    someone who displays spaztic/ spazmoidal behaviour “that’s some downright spazmoidal behaviour”

  • attitardinal

    having an att-tude while being a r-t-rd don’t get att-tardinal with me you stupid b–tch

  • unifilly

    baby unicorn. the unifilly is playing in the meadow.

  • pazienza

    some one who is strong. amazing, free spirited and bright. once you have found a pazienza you can’t live without them! look at little pazienza run on the field she’s just amazing.

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