the coolest, most interesting, and under-rated guitars made by the fender guitar company. though not a guitar for the m-sses, like the telecaster or stratocaster, the jazzmaster is superior in so many aspects (tone, playability, design, versatility, etc.)

the jazzmaster has acquired a cult following proving that the instrument was only meant for only the coolest guitar players and collectors such as j mascic (dinosaur jr.), tom verlaine (television), thurston moore (sonic youth), belinda butcher and kevin shields (my bl–dy valentine), and other super talented guitarists.
a: whoa, what is that amazing guitar that dude is wailing on?

b: that’s a jazzmaster, dude.

a: nice!
a person who in a sense is a hipster. he also enjoys the sound of jazz and is a p-ssy c-cksucking b-tch.
me-“why the f-ck do you like jazz calvin?”
calvin(jazzmaster)-“because its soothing when your blowing a guy.”

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