just between us
jbu are you going to the party

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  • emotional su*cide bomber

    a person so determined to destroy your happiness or mood that he/she is willing to do, say, or behave in ways that will humiliate, embarr-ss and/or degrade him/herself in the process. chris just p-ssed gas a dinner even though he knew i needed to make a good impression. he is such an emotional suicide bomber!

  • emtarkanderundergunderson

    one of many possible elongations of the nickname “em”, as discovered by strong bad whilst checking his e-mail teacher: bobby? bobby: here! teacher: sally? sally: here! teacher: em? em: i go by emtarkanderundergunderson.

  • subway straight jacket

    when you are sitting between 2 people on the subway or bus and you cannot move your arms, like you are in a straight jacket. inspired by stefon from sat-rday night live, who coined the term subway sleeping bag. the train was packed this morning! 2 people sat beside me so i got stuck in […]

  • ewelinka

    cuter version of ewelina. ahhh, there goes ewelinka!

  • calculus nerd

    a person who loves calculus and math. they can usually multiply two digit numbers together and get them right. typically below average in the looks department. once in a while a cl-ss is graced by the presence of an amazingly smart person. most calculus nerds believe that calculus is funner than darts. the calculus nerd(matt) […]

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