for something to be so delicious that people begin to feel jealous. and just an awesome word to say.
” dude your ritz crackers are so jealicious”
” jealicious”

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  • jiggle wiggle

    the movement of jello in morse code. usually between a green male jello and a sl-tty purple female jello. jiggle wiggle, wiggle jiggle. jiggle jiggle wiggle? wiggle jiggle!

  • Back of the House

    your -rs-hole dude 1: “yo dawg i herd u bangd kfc’niqua” dude 2: “yeah i entered through the back of the house”

  • Egg on Ice

    egg on ice means nice. often used to describe something of extreme goodness. oi, steve, this egg on toast is proper egg on ice.

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    the first time a girl hooks up with a guy and gets her hands down his pants, she finally gets to find out if she likes his package. if she does, she’s won the c-ck lottery. i finally gave my new guy a bl-w j-b last night, and d-mn, i won the c-ck lottery!

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