a s-xy athletic boy who has a fantastic future and is an outgoing boy
you remind me of jedidia

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  • stou

    noun// something of which can be defined by how many rupees someone has stuffed up their -rs-. “i like to boom boom pow, like how i like eating my stou!”

  • kestion

    c-xian form of the word “question.” alright, does anybody have any kestions?

  • izzie house

    a very intelligent, beautiful, funny, friendly, sweet girl. very kind, active, and reliable. and an overall amazing person to be around. wow i wish i had izzie house personality she is so awesome.

  • retrobution

    seeking justice too long after the fact. i rather believe it’s more ‘retrobution’ than ‘retribution’ . . .

  • aurorra

    very quirky, funny, and socially awkward. is a nice friend to have who can be crazy at times. only aggressive when really aggravated. only aurorra would do that.

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