a fairly recent combination in fashion, achieved when combining leggings and jeans.
one day some fat fashionista whose jeans were far too tight for her decided to call her super-tight jeans jeggings.

“today i saw some really fat woman in jeggings – they made her b-tt look huge”
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a combination of jeans and leggings.
those look like skinny jeans but they look like leggings. they must be jeggings.
a piece of clothing which is a cross between jeans and leggings. usually made from polyester, cotton and spandex.
“are those jeans?”

“no, they’re jeggings! they’re way stretchier!”
leggings that look like jeans.
i get my men by wearing my jeggings
jean leggings. legging jeans.
leggings that look like jeans.
girl 1: “aye you got some sick jeans!”
girl 2: “uh, there leans. get it write”
girl 1: “leans?”
girl 2: “yeah! or jeggings”
synthetic tubes which teenage girls squish their legs into in order to create the illusion of a ridiculously tight pair of skinny jeans. should never be worn. ever. hurts my eyes.
sally: hey, do you like my new jeggings?
kate: no. please burn them.
leggings that look like jeans but stretch so they can be worn by girls who have gained weight and can fit in their normal jeans anymore.
she’s definitely gained a lot of weight in college. you can tell because she’s started wearing jeggings.

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