oh man, i went out with this girl last night. she was a total jeklund – i mean, seriously, she was filthy!

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  • jejepticon

    a playful coining of decepticon (deception-icon), the evil robot group in transformers, and “jejeje,” a popular expression of social r-t-rds. it literally means “jeje-icon,” a person that confuses originality with obscurity, and creativity with stupidity. commonly used by jejemons to refer to their arch-enemies, but obviously impaired by their ability to understand compound english words, […]

  • Malygger

    when a person from malaysia thinks they are black. similar to “wigger” jackie is such a “malygger”. she only listens to drake and r.kelley.

  • Pear-man-snail

    one who spends their time promoting nightlife activities for days at a time in their habitat of a sh-ll such as a front porch. they are extremely lethargic and leave their snail slime or messes behind in a trail, such as cigarette b-tts and expired food wrappers. they tend to take the shape of a […]

  • Pecktol

    gay,h-m-s-xual, or b-tt-pirate wow, just seeing that guy’s purple car makes me think that he is a pecktol.

  • penigger

    insult -out of rage- towards someone who has just killed you in a videogame, especially shooting games. mix of “p-n-s” and “n-gg-r”. razvan: cr-p, man, some guy just no-scoped me across the map. jacob: wow, that guy is such a pen-gg-r.

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